Our blog is dedicated to WordPress and web development in general.

All our advertising opportunities (listings, banners, reviews, giveaways, promotional posts…) will be published in our English blog and in our Spanish blog so you can reach a lot of engaged audience (unless you only want to advertise your product on just one on the blogs, the price doesn’t change).

Advertising opportunities

Listing on theme collections

We will list your theme on any of theme collections of your choice but position of your theme will be determined by quality of your theme (our subjective option).

Cost: Contact for pricing

Featured listing on theme collections*

We’ll place your theme among top listings (depending on availability) of any theme collection of your choice.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Banner Ads

We can agree on specific banner placement, size and number of views.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Paid Reviews

We can write a detailed review about your product and service. It should be related to WordPress, web design, blogging or other related topics.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Promotional Blog Posts

You can write a blog post related to WordPress, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design and Blogging and publish it on our website. As a reward we will allow you to use an author box to promote your products and services (it will appear at the end of your post).

Cost: Contact for pricing


We can host your Giveaways and help you to grow your loyal customers.

Cost: Contact for pricing

  • Featured listing is active for at least 3 months. Afterwards we might update this collection to add more themes but your theme will not be removed from collection but might be moved slightly down on the list. Your theme will remain on the list as it remains competitive and you keep it updated.
  • Bulk discounts are available.